RUN – Project overview

The Eco-Innovation project “ReUse-Notebook Collection, Refurbishment and Distribution System (RUN)” is co-funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) under Grant Agreement No. 630329.

FP7 is Seven Frameworks Programme’s acronym for research and technological development within the European Union.

The key facts are:

  • Type of project: 7th Framework Programme
  • Project duration: 36 Months
  • Starting date: November 2014
  • Consortium: Ebelt Beratung UG, exmt – Büro für Design und Programmierung UG, DRZ as institution of Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH, SAPOS gGmbH, i4 next – international computer trading and leasing GmbH, Laura Sp. zo.o., ReUse-Computer e.V.
  • Project coordinator: Dr. Brüning Engineering UG

Leader: DrBE UG

This WP includes project coordination, progress monitoring, milestone reviews and quality control. This will ensure the success of the project.
The following tasks will be treated within this work package:

  1. Project management activities
  2. Definition of quality standards
  3. Contingency plan
  4. Preparation of consortium agreement
  5. Progress report
  6. Interim report (financial + technical)
  7. Milestone definition and review
  8. Final report (financial + technical)
  9. Monitoring and measurement of performance indicators

Leader: DrBE UG

WP-02 will bundle the main activities for the collection of notebooks and the acquisition of partners. Main goal of this work package is the implementation of a highly cost efficient collection and procurement network. Several reverse logistics channel will be assessed for their cost efficiency. Therefore efficient and practical measures to gain owners' readiness for abandoning their used devices must be developed. Appropriate marketing measures will represent the interface between seller and buyer.
Possible solutions are shown in next picture:

WP-02: Collection and Procurement

Leader: exmt

The main goal is to define and manage the key process. This is very innovative and unique in the refurbishment market segment. According to a study by Bitkom, 50% of all German households are “hoarding” at least one dormant computer. 11% of theses owners are not abandoning it because of their lack of knowledge how to extract and erase their personal data.1 This service will increase customers’ willingness to abandon their devices and therefore plays a very important part in securing RUN’s input stream. This extremely user-friendly service, especially for people not knowing how to transfer their pictures, documents etc. from the old device to a new one, will set RUN apart from its competitors and secure a unique market position. There are two alternatives:

Data provision via cloud-server
The customer’s data will be uploaded to a secured server for a predetermined time. The customer will be informed about the extraction of his data by mobile phone, mail or letter, together with a specific access code for the server. Now it is up to the customer when he will download his data. Once the predetermined time expires the data will be deleted from the server.
Data contribution via a data carrier
The customer’s data will be stored on a flash drive or DVD. The flash drive/ DVD will be sent to the customer per a mail service with tracking service for customers’ safety.

Leader: i4next international

This WP will ensure that the collected notebooks are refurbished according to a high quality standard and can be distributed. In a first step the reusable devices will be selected, afterwards the quality of these devices has to be determined, as this defines the sales price. As an option used components and accessories can be added to ensure a higher saleable product, which includes guarantee and warranty.

Leader: SAPOS gGmbH

This WP ensures RUN is generating profit to grow up and expand the network. Therefore the German, Austrian and Polish market getting analyzed with regards to people’s preferences towards refurbished notebooks. Furthermore technical minimum requirements, most used fabricates, device’s equipment and attainable prices need to be determined.

Second part of this WP will be the setup of a distribution and sell network of local dealers and the expansion to other eastern European countries, such as Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Belarus and Serbia.

Leader: VHS/DRZ

VHS/DRZ is the leader for WP 06. Up to now a collection/sales strategy was developed for Vienna and Berlin. Now this concept shall be transferred to other European countries and VHS/DRZ will conduct a market analysis for several European countries and develop a strategy for adapting the concept to the national regulations of the various countries in question.

Leader: Ebelt Beratung UG

Ebelt Beratung UG will build an actual state business and exploitation plan, including cost and time targets, for a successful realisation of the project. In cooperation with the project management DrBE UG, Ebelt Beratung UG will monitor business and exploitation's plan progress and if necessary both participants will enable corrections. Ebelt Beratung UG will adapt the business plan for copying the project to other target countries and groups.

Leader: DrBE UG

This WP ensures the results of the RUN project being disseminated sustainable and efficient to interested parties.

The work package includes project specific dissemination activities as described in the following:

  1. Collection rate increasing activities
  2. Sell rate increasing activities
  3. Design of a web based information area
  4. Design of the web shop
  5. Electronic newsletter
  6. Publications in specialized Journals
  7. Presentations at conferences, tradeshows and exhibitions
  8. User manual and other dissemination material
  9. Tutoring module on good practise for interested future partners
  10. Radio
  11. Other dissemination activities (e.g. image booklet, flyers, general media campaigns)
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