FAQ - for consumers

RUN is the abbreviation for ReUse Notebook. RUN is a CIP-Eco–Innovation Programme co-founded project. The main goal of the project is the reuse of notebooks, netbooks or similar devices – just granting them a second life(cycle).

RUN is made for any person or company who wants to grant its device a second life instead of introducing it way to early into the recycling process.

Granting your device a second life just makes you behave eco-friendly. Furthermore it contributes to your social engagement by offering your device to a wide audience of low-income people.

A second lifecycle slows down the resource consumption of scare and strategic earths needed for initial production and therefore makes those ressources usable a longer time. Additionally impacts caused by general mining processes (e.g. such as water and air pollution due to the use of hazardous chemicals) and fossil oil depletion (as energy carrier for mining) are reduced significantly.

In the first project phase you can hand your devices in at local collection points in Berlin, Gorlitz, Cottbus and Vienna. Next step we are actually working on is the offer of several additional return/hand-in opportunities. You will find a regularly updated list of all RUN collection point on: http://www.reuse-notebook.com.

Please hand your device in completely (AC power supply, accessory, manual etc.) and undamaged. We suggest the consumer to erase their private data before. In trouble? Please contact us and let our staff know.

The collected devices get refurbished (checked, repaired and cleaned) in central and specialized shops. After passing this procedure they get sold again and live their second life. This saves e.g. scare strategic metals and engages your social behaviour by offering those devices a wide audience of e.g. low-income people.

In the second phase of the project we will offer you additional unique service add-ons. Actually we are working out e.g. the routine for a data erasure process that happens directly under the customer’s (your) eyes

The project is described in detail on our web site: http://www.reuse-notebook.com. We use this web site for updating our clientele regularly.

The contact person is the .project coordinator.
If you are interested in the project and you wish more detailed information, please contact:

Dr. Brüning Engineering UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
CEO: Dr. Ralf Brüning
Kirchenstraße 26 • D-26919 Brake
Fon: +49 4401-7049760
Mobile: +49 160-3664468
Fax: +49 4401-7049761

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