Consortium Members

Dr. Brüning Engineering UG

Dr. Brüning Engineering was established in 2003 in Brake (Germany) and offers independent consulting and planning/design services.

The main focus of the company is the initiation, planning and realisation of national and international industry and research projects focused on environment and IT.

Customers are industrial and commercial enterprises in regional, national and international scale, as well as the public sector.

Main topics are organizational, legal and technical design and implementation of service projects.

The team provides expertise in coordination of projects and in managing teams of multiple participating companies.

In this project Dr. Brüning Engineering UG acts as project coordinating enterprise.

Ebelt Beratung UG

The enterprise provides several years of experience in consulting. The enterprises main focuses are on the one hand the economic validation (revenue determination and cost analysis) of business concepts and on the other hand the development of business concepts and their exploitation by businesses of every size. Stefan Ebelt, CEO of Ebelt Beratung UG, is an active member of committees and associations in this domain of interest, e.g. ReUse-Computer, the committee of the VDI-guideline 2343 ‘recycling of electric and electronic appliances’, DGAW Association. The expertise and the knowledge in fields of economic reviews, under technical aspects as well, of usage of refurbished IT make Ebelt Beratung UG a central contact point concerning financial aspects.

exmt - Büro für Programmierung & Design

exmt was founded in 2000 and was established as an „UG“ in October 2014. One focus of our work lies on the development of websites with the content management system "TYPO3". We also develop extensions for "TYPO3". Exmt UG is a member of the TYPO3 association. The development of special web applications (such as visualizing measured data - www.upgmbh-logstar.de) is done on the basis of php (Zend Framework, pear) and the MySql database.

Our customers are private enterprises, cities, communities (the City of Pappenheim, the City of Nuremberg – Office for Culture and Leisure), and cultural institutions. In connection with the EU-project ZeroWIN we are currently developing a platform to optimizecommodity flows and waste avoidance. In regard to printed media we have been supporting theinternationally renowned Turkish/German film festival for many years. For this festival, we are responsible for web representation, the festival catalogue, the festival magazine, posters and largescale advertising. 

Dismantling & Recycling Centre

D.R.Z. – Dismantling and Recycling Centre (Demontage- und Recycling Zentrum) – is the social economic branch of Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH. Temporary employment in Recycling and Re-use of electrical devices gives jobless people the opportunity of finding their way back to regular employment. Guided by experienced personnel people’s abilities become enhanced, social isolation reduced, possible handicaps processed, job hunting actively supported. DRZ provides this service on behalf of AMS Wien (Employment Centre Vienna). Additionally, by way of our products and services, we have become a reliable partner for companies as well as the public administration.

In the ReUse department of DRZ’s our people test and repair selected electrical devices which  are then being sold with one year implied warranty. These devices though having been disposed of on local spare parks are either still fully functional or can easily be repaired. We sell these “ReUse-Devices” in our own shop as well as on behalf of MA48 (Vienna Refuse Collection Service). Before being resold these devices are thoroughly cleaned and undergo a standardized security inspection followed by a functional check.


SAPOS was established in 1999 as disposal and recycling enterprise in Görlitz. SAPOS’ personnel consist of around 40 people of which 40% are severely handicapped. That’s why SAPOS is also known as reintegrating enterprise. Moreover SAPOS is an active member of the ReUse-Computer e.V.

On SAPOS’ recycling depot in Görlitz people can hand in their WEEE. The devices getting tested for reuse, and if necessary, SAPOS even repairs them to resell the devices in the in-house second hand store. In case of non reusability the devices getting dismantled manually and recycled properly. Most of the handed in WEEE consists of personnel computers from the private or commercial sector and household electronics.

i4next international

I4next GmbH was founded 1985 and was taken over 2001 by the current owner. The company is the leading and oldest buyer and reseller of used ICT Equipment in Austria and the only with an ISO 9001 Certificate. Additionally to certificate data erasure, refurbishment and reselling of Equipment also IT leasing is a part of our services. Our goal is to provide all services related to the end-of-life cycle management in an optimal quality and with best conditions. 

LAURA Sp. z o. o.

LAURA Sp. z o. o. was established in July 2014 and arose from the company ZURB which exists since 2007 in Zgorzelec.

In 2010 the core business was expanded to the distribution of new and used electric and electronic devices for households and small enterprises. Main focus is the distribution of high quality hardware, such as personnel computers, notebooks, periphery and other tools/equipment. LAURA uses the famous Polish internet platform “Allegro” since many years to reach customers all over Poland.

Within the RUN project LAURA assists in setting up the distribution system in Poland and other eastern European countries.

ReUse Verein

ReUse Association (ReUse e.V.) was founded in 2005 as follow up of a research project at the Technical University of Berlin. The ReUse Association supports science and admits to sustainability and the necessity of synergies between economic, ecological, regional and social aspects and participates in research projects. In this regard, ReUse e.V. contributes to environmental protection, resource savings and sustainability by facilitating the re-use of used equipment in businesses, communities and public institutions. ReUse-Computer therefore is the organizer of several public workshops and also a series of conferences called ‘BESSER-nutzen Dialog’ [‘use-better dialogue’].
Members are several firms, NGOs and research organisations as well as interested private persons which practically implement the association’s goals.

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