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How do consumers perceive notebook recycling? What do they expect from a good take-back system? What are their motives for buying reused goods? Those are the questions that are addressed in this literature study regarding the public attitudes towards take-back, recycling and buying of (refurbished) notebooks. It is the objective of the study to identify what attitudes exist in practice.

To achieve this objective, existing studies that examine customers’ attitudes were identified and evaluated as to their relevance for the RUN project. The findings of the literature study shall be taken into account in the decision making processes regarding the collection and sales concepts as well as in the design of the marketing and social media campaigns.

The literature study consists of two parts. Attitudes towards the take-back and recycling of notebooks are examined in the first part. Attitudes towards the buying of refurbished notebooks are presented in the second part.

You can find the full version of the study here.

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